Competency Based Education (CBE) is the Way of the Future in Educational Design including Physical Therapy

STEP-IN SMA Co-Chair, Dr Jean Fitzpatrick Timmerberg publishes a call to action for future education in Physical Therapy in PTJ: Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Journal

Updated 5/16/21

The Workshop Component of the First Competency-Based Continuing Education Program Took Place on March 24-26 in Tarrytown, NY

Twenty-one physical therapists new to SMA joined 8 expert SMA physical therapists for various learning activities including a full day with patients

Updated 4/13/21

Northwestern Researchers are Working to Understand how Infant's Movement Change as They get Older
Infants under the age of 10 weeks and who were born full-term are eligible for this study

Updated 10/13/21


STEP-IN Faculty Publish a Paper on Competencies for SMA Physical Therapists.
Essential competencies for physical therapists​ managing individuals with
spinal muscular atrophy: A delphi study

Updated 07/06/21

SMA Physical Therapists Needed for Educational Research Project
A new supervision scale is being proposed for use by SMA physical therapists. This study is currently recruiting participants who supervise PTs working with SMA ​patients.

Updated 07/01/21

Photos and Videos are Requested for Educational Resources
STEP-IN​​​ is building a library of photos and videos for use in educational ​materials and resources for SMA physical therapists.

Updated 07/01/21