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Knowledge Translation for Spinal Muscular Atrophy: The Time Is Now.

An APTA podcast discussing the need for knowledge translation for Spinal Muscular Atrophy resources.

Updated 2/13/23

Save the Date: Stanford University's 4th Annual Spinal 

Muscular Atrophy Conference.

This year's focus will be on the complexities in filling the gaps of care in the new SMA treatment era and will be held Friday Dec 2nd - Sat Dec 3rd. More info in the link above.

Updated 8/10/22

Development of a patient-reported perceived fatigability scale for SMA.

Columbia researchers partner with experts at the University of Pittsburgh to develop a scale to measure how patients with SMA experience fatigue with daily activity. Children and adults ages 8+, diagnosed with SMA (any type), and able to understand and complete a rating scale are eligible for this study. All responses are anonymous. 

Updated 8/02/22


Competency Based Education (CBE) is the Way of the Future in Educational Design including Physical Therapy

STEP-IN SMA Co-Chair, Dr Jean Fitzpatrick Timmerberg publishes a call to action for future education in Physical Therapy in PTJ: Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Journal

Updated 5/16/22

The Workshop Component of the First Competency-Based Continuing Education Program Took Place on March 24-26 in Tarrytown, NY

Twenty-one physical therapists new to SMA joined 8 expert SMA physical therapists for various learning activities including a full day with patients

Updated 4/13/22

Northwestern Researchers are Working to Understand how Infant's Movement Change as They get Older
Infants under the age of 10 weeks and who were born full-term are eligible for this study

Updated 10/13/21


STEP-IN Faculty Publish a Paper on Competencies for SMA Physical Therapists.
Essential competencies for physical therapists​ managing individuals with
spinal muscular atrophy: A delphi study

Updated 07/06/21

SMA Physical Therapists Needed for Educational Research Project
A new supervision scale is being proposed for use by SMA physical therapists. This study is currently recruiting participants who supervise PTs working with SMA ​patients.

Updated 07/01/21

Photos and Videos are Requested for Educational Resources
STEP-IN​​​ is building a library of photos and videos for use in educational ​materials and resources for SMA physical therapists.

Updated 07/01/21

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