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Foundations for SMA Physiotherapists;
A STEP-IN Education Track


On-line, interactive didactic modules and case studies

You will need to complete 17 modules at your own pace during the 2 months prior to the in-person workshop. This component also includes a number of assessments to evaluate your learning.


In-person workshop with hands on lab with mentored patient interactions

You must be available to attend the 2.5 day workshop. Participation includes individual and group based activities. SMA experts will guide the sessions and provide feedback on your performance throughout.

Nov 8-10 2024
Utrecht, Netherlands


Customized workplace-based assessments

Utilizing what was learned in the workshop, the activities are practiced with feedback from your SMA PT mentor and when ready, assessed. These activities will be assessed multiple times and depending on your caseload, may take a number of months.

Approximately 32 contact hours of continuing education will be provided at the completion of the third phase of this course.


A letter from your direct supervisor is required and should include:

  • an awareness of the commitment required to participate in this course

  • support for your participation in all three phases


A statement of interest from applicants should describe your need to take this course and anticipated benefits.


You will be required to identify a physiotherapist experienced in SMA that is at your site or available remotely  to act as your mentor. If this presents a challenge please email us.

If accepted to the program, the $750 USD registration fee will cover your participation across all three components.

For questions or inquiries please contact Elizabeth Harding and sign up for updates at

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